Swayam is a feminist organization committed to advancing women's rights and ending discrimination and violence against women and girls, based in Kolkata. It was registered as a public charitable trust in 1995.
We work with women facing violence in their lives and facilitate a process of ‘self- discovery’ that enables them to move ahead with confidence and dignity. Our Support Centre provides them with wide-ranging services like counselling, legal aid and advice,  police follow-up, vocational training, referrals for shelter and employment, a drop-in-centre and numerous group activities to promote creativity and positive mental health.
Our Initiatives for Social Action and Change Programme aims to generate discussion and debate, share information about women’s issues and influence public opinion against violence on women and children. It includes public education and awareness building; producing creative resources, disseminating information and sharing expertise, training and capacity building, networking with like-minded organisations/institutions for systemic change and intervening in rural and urban communities to build a violence-free and gender-just society.

Swayam envisions a non-discriminatory, violence free and equal society

Swayam works to end discrimination and violence against women, advance women’s rights and facilitate women’s empowerment.

Swayam believes in:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Working with rather than for women and children who seek our support.
  • A democratic process of decision making and functioning

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